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Also Available from Candlenut Books

The books for sale in this section have been published by third parties (usually the authors),
who are solely responsible for the content of their respective books.
Candlenut Books is strictly a sales channel for these authors,
and we were not involved in any way in the publication of these works.

Cover Page - To Stir With Love
by Winnifred Rhodes & Hazel Prendergast

This cookbook is the result of many years of time spent in the kitchen for two sisters.  Over 140 heritage recipes here are ones that have been tested on their friends and family for years.  Reflect on the past, treasure it.  Make memories for the future in your own kitchen...
Cover Page - It's All About Us
by Hazel E. Prendergast

Hazel Prendergast tells short stories about her past and brings to life the thrill of reliving events now history.  Although the book is dedicated to her three sisters (it is their story too), it's also a book meant for anyone who is nostalgic for the past.
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