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PRESS RELEASE:  August 23, 2011  (Short Version)

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The Canadian NTFP Business Companion

Research scientist and author Dr. Gina Mohammed has written Canada's first business guide for small businesses in non-timber forest products, also known as NTFPs.  These are the foods, medicinals, artisan materials, and other specialty goods from the forest everything other than conventional timber and pulp & paper.

The Canadian NTFP Business Companion Ideas, Techniques & Resources for Small Businesses in Non-Timber Forest Products & Services profiles this emerging sector, one Dr. Mohammed considers well-suited to microenterprises and small to medium-sized businesses.

"We tend to think only of maple syrup, Christmas trees, berries, and mushrooms when we think of NTFPs," says Mohammed.  "But there are a host of other goods such as gourmet birch syrup products, pet herbals, wildflower honeys, botanical textiles, natural dyes, plant medicinals, herbal soaps, natural perfumery, landscape materials, music wood, and biofuels.  And there are many non-timber services as well in areas such as product quality testing, education & training, plant processing, environmental consulting, and ecotourism.  It's truly a multi-dimensional sector."

The publication shares practical & technical insights from Dr. Mohammed's research into thousands of forest plants in Canada and the northern United States.  "One of the needs that has surfaced repeatedly is for more practical startup information for businesses," she says.  "Marketing help is also required.  Until now, major Canadian non-timber publications have been more academic or policy-focused.  We're ready to go beyond that."

The 867-page, full-colour, electronic Companion is a reference guide on CD/DVD for business startups, researchers, and economic developers.  Products and services are organized by category:  Food & Beverage, Materials & Manufacturing,  Health & Personal Care, Decorative & Aesthetic, Environmental, Biofuels, and Landscape & Garden.  There are business ideas, plant lists, equipment & costs, marketing helps, and business resources, with cross-references, indexes, and supplementary video clips.

"I wanted the reference to be practical yet have sufficient technical depth.  I also needed a format that would allow convenient searching and updating," Mohammed says.

Release of The Canadian NTFP Business Companion complements the United Nations General Assembly's declaration of 2011 as the International Year of Forests to raise awareness of sustainable management, conservation, and sustainable development of all types of forests.

"I believe the non-timber industry, developed in a responsible manner, is vital to the health of Canada's forest sector.  Along with a sound, value-added timber industry, the non-timber sector gives Canada the depth it needs for a truly sustainable forestry future."

The Canadian NTFP Business Companion is published by Candlenut Books in Sault Ste. Marie.  For more information and excerpts, visit www.pmtech.ca.  (To learn more about the International Year of Forests, visit the UN website at: www.UN.org/forests)

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  • Further information can be obtained by contacting Candlenut Books.

    More information on non-timber forest products (including excerpts from The Canadian NTFP Business Companion) can be found at www.pmtech.ca.

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