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Resources for Self-Publishers

CANDLENUT BOOKS is pleased to provide the following resources and links to assist those who are interested in self-publishing their own works.

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One of our examples of a self-published book...

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"CATNIP AND KEROSENE GRASS What Plants Teach Us About Life"

Gina Mohammed relates some of the simple yet poignant lessons that we can take from plants and their ways.  Whether it is benefiting from trials, secrets to long life, using your talents or just being yourself the plant world is rich with silent wisdom for our daily lives.  The result is a refreshing collection of snippets that will delight and inspire.  Illustrated throughout.

Makes a lovely gift book!

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"This is a wonderful book, full of interesting but not-too-technical facts about plants as well as keen observations about life and human nature.  It is upbeat and inspirational and would make a great gift for plant lovers or anyone who likes to be uplifted occasionally.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it."
Reader Review on Amazon.com

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"CATNIP AND KEROSENE GRASS What Plants Teach Us About Life"
Gina Mohammed, PhD

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". . . Life isn't meant to provide a continuous whirl of flash and excitement just a few well-placed sparks to brighten our horizon, sail the trade winds of our memory, and leave a perfect afterglow in our hearts."

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Click HERE to view the table of contents.

Cover Page

"CATNIP AND KEROSENE GRASS What Plants Teach Us About Life"

ISBN:  0-9731097-0-X

"Plants can't talk,
but they sure can teach!"

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The following web site links and commentaries are provided for information purposes only.  Our linking to these web sites does not constitute endorsement of their content, policies, or products.  We do not guarantee the accuracy or suitability of their information.  Operability and content are subject to change without notice.  Please let us know if a link is no longer functional.

Getting Your Book Into Print

  • www.NLC-BNC.ca/index-e.html
    National Library of Canada.
    Services for Publishers include ISBN, ISSN, ISMN, Cataloguing In Publication (CIP), Canadian ISBN Publishers' Directory.  Also access to AMICUS, the Canadian National Catalogue.
    We love the Research Tools section which includes a full listing of Canadian libraries & web sites.  A tremendously helpful site and a good starting place for background research.

  • www.tnrdlib.bc.ca/dewey.html
    Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) System.
    Details about the classification codes in the Dewey Decimal System.
    Sounds boring, but these codes control your book's cataloguing and shelf placement at libraries.  Refer to them when identifying subjects for Catalogue In Print (CIP) applications.

  • www.CanAuthors.org/links/publish.html
    Canadian Authors Association.
    Information on self-publishing and print-on-demand.
    You don't have to be a member to access useful information.  Has links to other sites which themselves have good links!

  • www.PubCouncil.ca
    Canadian Publishers' Council.
    Book publishing trade association represents the interests of companies that publish books and other media for schools, colleges & universities, professional & reference markets, and the retail and library sectors.  (They were also the people behind the highly successful "Get Caught Reading" campaign several years ago.)
    A great page of useful links to Canadian and international publishers, copyright agencies, statistics pages, book buyers, etc.

  • www.publishers.ca
    Association of Canadian Publishers.
    Information on how to get published, how to get distributed, how to get publicity, and how to get on-line.  Information, news, event calendar, member contact information, and links, plus the Canadian On-Line Media Directory.
    Look at how to get published just in case you chicken out... :)  But seriously, you need to know this anyway.  All the other stuff is useful whether you self-publish or go the conventional route.  Searchable media directory includes more than just radio, TV, and newspapers.

  • www.loc.gov
    Library of Congress.
    The US national library provides several handy search and specialty services (such as information for publishers), access to on-line collections, plus gateways and portals to international library databases.
    Another goldmine of information (somewhat hyped) and access to a broad range of useful services.

  • www.Bowker.com
    R. R. Bowker, LLC.
    Authorized US agent for ISBN's.  Books in Print (US, Canada, International).  Services for publishers, booksellers, libraries, and more.  Additional premium book services available, including BookWire and advertising/placement services.
    Broad range of useful services and resources (some expensive, some free).  Even has a link to exhibit and tradeshow schedules.

  • www.Trafford.com
    Trafford On-Demand Publishing Service.
    Author's toolkit of resources.  Talent pool of publishing-related services.  Full-colour printing for children's books.  Offices in Canada, USA, UK, and Ireland.  "Your book, your way."
    They do everything for you (except write the book and promote it).  They offer several affordable packages with differing levels of service, including "print on demand" which can be more expensive than conventional printing in the long run.  Their free publishing guide is useful even if you don't go with them.

  • www.LitFirePublishing.com
    LitFire Publishing.
    A provider of self-publishing solutions with publishing packages available plus handy services such as editorial, marketing, digital publishing, design, and events & publicity.
    Their free e-book publication "Hard Truths Every Self-Publishing Author Must Know (That Advocates Don't Tell You)" explains the challenges of self-publishing, but tells you what you need to do and gives you hope that you can actually pull it off!

  • www.BookSurge.com
    BookSurge (now CreateSpace).
    Launched by a group of writers and published authors dedicated to creating better opportunities for writers, it became one of the most successful print-on-demand companies in the world.  (They're now a member of the Amazon group of companies.)  Various packages and services available.
    BookSurge and CreateSpace are uniting under the CreateSpace brand and platform to offer an expanded catalog of services, from free online tools to paid professional publishing services.

  • www.WritersUnion.ca
    Writers Union of Canada.
    A national organization of professional writers of books for the general public.  Their RESOURCES tab has good links to resources for writers and publishers.  Services and publications also available (for a fee).
    They provide a great deal of useful information for emerging writers.  (If you are self-publishing, you obviously must be a writer first.)  Although most information is geared toward writers, much of it applies to self-publishers too. 

  • www.CouponFollow.com/research/money-saving-guide-authors-writers
    Money-Saving Guide for Authors and Writers.
    Resources for writers who are looking to improve their craft and save money on career expenses.  Quite an extensive page of links covering a broad spectrum of topics to help you out, with plenty of definitions, advice, and good common-sense suggestions too.
    Yes, the overall web site is commercial (and says so) by promoting coupons and such, but this page in particular can be extremely valuable for all the topics & points covered and links offered in one place. 

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    Promotion & Marketing

  • www.libdex.com
    The Library Index.
    A searchable international database of 18,000 libraries.
    A well-organized comprehensive site that lists academic, First Nation, hospital, medical, museum, national, public, and other library facilities.

  • http://www.newspaperscanada.ca
    Canadian Newspaper Association.
    Searchable database of Canadian newspapers.  Now includes the small community newspapers too.
    Handy for press releases, promotion, and setting up interviews.

  • www.CCNA.ca/database
    Canadian Community Newspapers Association.
    Canada's community newspapers.
    Good searchable database.

  • www.50states.com/news
    Links to over 3300 U.S. newspapers.

  • www.BookMarket.com
    Top 500 Independent US Bookstores.
    Book editors.  Free reports on foreign rights sales.  Marketing ideas.  Book marketing databases.
    We especially like the free articles and list of independent bookstores.  John Kremer also has useful electronic newsletters you can subscribe to, some at no charge.

  • www.CBAbook.org/main/default.asp
    Canadian Booksellers Association.
    Membership benefits include Credit & Debit Card Merchant Discounts, Health & Dental Plan, CBA Membership Directory, CBA Sourcebook, Bookseller lists, Freight plans, etc.
    You don't have to be a member to find an independent bookstore anywhere in Canada.

  • www.BookExpoAmerica.com
    BookExpo America.
    One of the largest book trade shows in the U.S.  (The Canadian version BookExpo Canada is no longer held.)  This 4-day event presents a dynamic environment for networking, sourcing, and relationship-building in the publishing industry.
    You can showcase your book and/or learn from the seminars in the education forum.  Attended by booksellers, publishers, librarians, other retailers, authors, media.  Although a limited amount of space is reserved for small press display booths, the fee for a small booth is mucho dollars.

  • www.BookWeb.org
    American Booksellers Association.
    Not-for-profit trade association represents independent bookstores across the US.
    You can browse their directory of independent booksellers.  Also see Products & Services and Idea Exchange.

  • www.SmallPress.org
    Small Press Center.
    Provides access to education and expertise in the field of independent publishing, encouraging excellence and free expression in publishing through workshops, lectures, book fairs, exhibits, and a reference collection.  The Center is committed to preserving the craft and art of publishing through a library dedicated to its history.
    They host the Small Press Book Fair, an annual book show held every March in New York City for independent publishers.

  • search.CrossDaily.com/list.php3?cat=52
    Lists Christian bookshops and gift stores in the U.S.

  • cba.know-where.com/cba
    The Association for Christian Retail.
    Find a Christian bookshop or gift store anywhere in the U.S.

  • Self-Publishing_777.pdf
    Triple Seven Press.
    Wendy Y. Tucker is the self-published author of "777 Cheap Eats in Las Vegas" and owner of Triple Seven Press, a small Las Vegas publishing company.
    Wendy's article, "Self-Publishing Your Book The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Project", is an excellent introduction to the joys and sorrows of self-publishing.  An excellent and funny read, with many good references and useful links.  (The website itself unfortunately now defunct was a great template for how to run a successful marketing campaign.)

  • www.BookCoaching.com
    Book writing and marketing solutions.
    Book writing and marketing coach Judy Cullins works with small business people who want to write, publish, and market a salable book.
    Alongside her book-coaching sales pitches, you will find plenty of business tips and articles on how to write, publish, and promote your books, plus a raft of useful links.  Also has info on eBook publishing.

  • www.auctionbytes.com/cab/abu/y202/m02/abu0063/s04
    "Selling on Amazon: Another Bookseller's Experience" by Craig Stark.
    Helpful perspectives and advice, links to other articles.  But be aware that selling books on-line is what he DOES...

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    Book Industry Trends & News

  • www.BookLife.com
    This off-shoot of Publishers Weekly is for self-publishers.  They present a vast array of articles, publisher resources, industry trends, facts & figures.
    (Pssst!  Bottom of the page has a better navigation system by category.)

  • www.QuillandQuire.com
    The Quill and Quire.
    Monthly magazine of the Canadian book trade.  Industry news and trends.  Subscription fee.
    They provide a handy semi-annual Canadian Publishers Directory, which lists publishers, wholesalers, and distributors in Canada.

  • www.CanadianPrinter.com
    Canadian Printer.
    The national business publication for printers since 1892.  Subscription fee.
    A trade publication mainly for full-time professional printers, but contains behind-the-scenes articles relevant to publishers and self-publishers.

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    Click HERE to read selected excerpts from "CATNIP AND KEROSENE GRASS"

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