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Table of Contents

"MIRACLES & MUSTARD SEEDS – Little Things You Can Do to Serve the Lord"
Copyright © 2007 by Gina H. Mohammed – All Rights Reserved
ISBN:  978-0-9731097-1-9

Cover Strip
  • Introduction

  • Make God's Word Available to Others
  • Support World Missions
  • Share Bible Verses
  • Share Inspirational Literature
  • At Church
  • In Your Community
  • Support Rehabilitation Programs Which Have a Christian Focus
  • Speak Out and Be Heard
  • Reach Out to Children
  • Support a Youth / Teen Group
  • Reach Out to the Elderly
  • Use Your Home
  • Make the Most of Special Occasions
  • Use Your Spiritual Gifts and Natural Talents
  • Support a Children's Bible Club or Sunday School
  • At Work
  • In Your Own Business
  • At School or College
  • When Someone Is Sick
  • When Someone Dies
  • Build Your Own Spiritual Muscle – So You're Prepared to Help Others
  • Little Things in General

  • Excerpts     Cover Pages

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