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Our Featured Book

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Ideas, Techniques and Resources for Small Businesses
In Non-Timber Forest Products & Services

by Gina Mohammed, PhD

Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) are the foods, medicines, arts & crafts, landscape plants, natural chemicals, environmental goods, and specialty biofuels that can be derived from forest plants.  Unlike the conventional mainstays of the forest industry namely timber and pulp NTFPs can come from any part of a tree or forest plant.  Non-timber products offer excellent commercial opportunities for small business enterprises.

"The Canadian NTFP Business Companion" provides an overview of ideas, species uses, start-up information, and other resources for NTFP enterprises in Canada and the northern United States.  This first-of-its-kind guide on CD/DVD in convenient PDF format offers a wealth of business ideas and practical information on non-timber forest products & services, distilled from the author's own research into the uses of over 1,700 forest species.

Although the focus here is on Canada (notably legislation and suppliers), the technical and practical information is broadly applicable to most temperate and boreal regions outside Canada which share many common or similar plant species.  This includes the northern US border states and Alaska, and other areas beyond our borders. 

CD/DVD Cover - The Canadian NTFP Business Companion
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ISBN:  978-0-9731097-2-6  (CD/DVD)
ISBN:  978-0-9731097-3-3  (USB Flash Drive)

$54.95  (Canadian Dollars)
( CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive Edition )

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Dr. Gina Mohammed is a research scientist specializing in alternative uses of northern forest plants.  Her research and over 130 publications include the topics of botanical health products, plant biotechnology, and business applications of plant science.  Gina holds a Ph.D. in plant physiology from Simon Fraser University and has over 25 years of international R & D experience.  She is co-owner and research director of P&M Technologies, a Canadian science & information technology company.

Click HERE to visit her web site.
Or click HERE to visit P&M Technologies.
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"Developed in a responsible and sustainable manner, NTFPs and their related services can
create and enhance livelihoods.  Together with a strong, well-managed timber products
sector, they can help to propel Canada's forestry industry to its fullest potential."
Dr. Gina Mohammed

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