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Cover Page - It's All About Us
by Hazel E. Prendergast

Hazel Prendergast tells short stories about her past and brings to life the thrill of reliving events now history.  Although the book is dedicated to her three sisters (it is their story too), it's also a book meant for anyone who is nostalgic for the past.

"It's All About Us"  by Hazel E. Prendergast

From  Introduction...

Memory is a wonderful thing.  We see a picture, hear a song, visit an almost forgotten place and suddenly there is a burst of pleasure or pain.  We've been there before.  There is a knowing that this place or thing, or sound is special.

As I have written these short stories about my past, I have experienced the thrill of reliving events now history.  It has been a pleasure for me.  Events and faces have resurfaced in my mind.  I have wanted to share these moments with some special people for a long time.  Perhaps now that the deed is done I will feel a sense of having finished a needed task.

This book is dedicated to my sisters because it is their story too.  So read, enjoy, and remember...
From  Comfort Zone...

Comfort to me is a safe place, secure, warm, cozy.  A comfort zone is a place where we feel at ease.  Nothing disturbs our peace of mind.  We are relaxed and enjoying ourselves...

Sometimes comfort comes to us by the human touch, someone who touches our lives in such a way that they bring comfort when we are sick, lonely or hurt.

Years ago, I made my son Don a quilt.  It was bright blues, reds, and emerald green and was very velvet.  I thought it very heavy, but it was what Don wanted.  He treasured it.  Some years later, Don became very ill.  He lived in Toronto and we talked often on the phone.  He had been home for Christmas and I had made him pyjamas.  One night in February, we talked on the phone and he said, "Mom, I feel so sick, but here I am in a big chair, wearing the pj's you made me.  I am wrapped up in my big quilt and I just feel surrounded by your love.  Now I hear your voice and I'm OK."

Don died two days later.  I was unable to take away the sickness, but I was able to bring comfort and that in turn comforted me.
Copyright 2006 by Hazel E. Prendergast - All Rights Reserved

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Candlenut Books is strictly a sales channel for this author, and we were not involved in any way in the publication of this work.

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