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Our Featured Book

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Plants can't talk, but they sure can teach!

In "CATNIP AND KEROSENE GRASS – What Plants Teach Us About Life", Gina Mohammed relates some of the simple yet poignant lessons that we can take from plants and their ways.  Whether it is benefiting from trials, secrets to long life, using your talents – or just being yourself – the plant world is rich with silent wisdom for our daily lives.  The result is a refreshing collection of snippets that will delight and inspire.

Makes a lovely gift book too!

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What Plants Teach Us About Life"

Only $13.95  (Canadian Dollars)

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ISBN:  0-9731097-0-X  (978-0-9731097-0-2)

Author Photo Dr. Gina Mohammed is a plant physiologist
who has shared the extraordinary world of plants
with scientific and popular audiences
for over 20 years.

Click HERE to visit her web site.

Nathalie's Butterfly Sketches were drawn by Nathalie Gagné

Blueberry Sauce Recipe
(using one of our featured plants)

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