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What Others Say

Comments About  "CATNIP and KEROSENE GRASS"

Cover Page
Front Cover
"This is a nice-looking little book.
And the price is right too!"

  • Carole Bank Manager

  • Nadia P.

    "This book sounds wonderful."
  • Audrey Radio Host

    "That cover is so sweet!"
  • Brenda Sales Clerk

  • "I love this book for its inspirational writings about nature.  Plants can teach us about life.  I got a copy for my daughter, because she requested it after my excitement about reading it.  It's a book that you can read and reread."
  • Recent review (by Laura) on Amazon.com

    "The book offers insight into the hardy traits and attributes of plants, and ways they can come to bear upon and benefit our own experiences and dilemmas.  It's a fresh and wonderful take on how we can use plants to grow as individuals in this informative yet delightful read."
  • Yasmin Artist & Writer

    "My wife just loves this book!"
  • Mark Businessman

    "The author informs and delights us with her knowledge and insightful observations.  This beautifully written book makes a lovely gift for any occasion."
  • Farida Dancer & Fashion Designer

    "It's a very cool book!"
  • Adrienne Health Food Worker

    "I like how everything is presented in a neat, concise but effective way.  All kinds of people will enjoy reading it."
  • Anonymous

    "YES!  That's an amazing book!  It's my favourite."
  • Lorrie Artist & Illustrator

    "I read this book with great interest and appreciation."
  • Gene Agriculturalist

    "The little snippets are very interesting.
    Lots of depth, but very easy to read."

  • Barb Retiree

    "It is delightful:  Original and superbly executed, illustrating remarkable insights, evidently the creative 'fruit'
    of a remarkable career, life, and heritage."

  • Graham IT Consultant

    "This is a wonderful book, full of interesting but not-too-technical facts about plants as well as keen observations about life and human nature.  It is upbeat and inspirational and would make a great gift for plant lovers or anyone who likes to be uplifted occasionally.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it."
  • Anonymous Review on Amazon.com

    "A well-done piece in content and design.
    Congratulations to the author and illustrator."

  • Paul Businessman

    "I have enjoyed reading the book, especially since I am very interested in plants and gardening.  It is a fun read and the pictures are so cute what a great little artist!"
  • Alison Gardener

    "This book draws interesting parallels between plant personalities and human relationships.  Fascinating analogies ... give thought-provoking advice about life.  However, this is not a book to be read cover to cover it is a tidbit type book to be tasted a few reading bites at a time."
  • Anonymous Review on Amazon.com

    "I found comfort in many of the plant teachings you've shared in your book:  The Poplar, Old Man Cactus, The Lichen, Jack Pine, and others.  I wish you all the best in your future writing and publishing endeavours."
  • Sandra Potter, Artist & Professor

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